Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Favorites

Unstoppables.  These little tiny pellets make your laundry smell divine!  Sprinkle them right over top of the clothes when they’re in the washer and they do their magic.  I used a little bit more when washing sheets because there’s nothing like fresh clean sheets.

 photo IMG_8092_zpsf4f071a0.jpg

Oxy Clean Stain Remover.  My friend recommended this to me.  She’s a mom of three boys, so I trust her judgment.  She did not disappoint.  I used this spray on the boy’s white baseball pants.  It took the grass stains out right before my eyes.

 photo IMG_8091_zps066f6b46.jpg

Cetaphil Cleansing Cloths.  My face is sensitive.  I have adult acne and I can’t use all those fancy facial products or they’ll make me break out.  I went to the dermatologist for my acne.  She gave me topical cream to ward off the breakouts, but also told me to use a more non-fragrant face wash.  Turns out it’s inexpensive and I can buy it at any grocery store of pharmacy.  I own the liquid wash, the bar wash (for travel) and these cleansing clothes.  I try to wash my face every night, but sometimes I’m just too lazy and these cloths are for those lazy nights.  Pull one out, rub it all over your face and wah-la…..clean skin! 

 photo Cetaphil-Gentle-Skin-Cleansing-Cloths_zpse4ee6850.jpg

Chobani Yogurt and Nature’s Valley Granola.  I eat this pretty much every day either as breakfast or an afternoon snack.  My favorite flavor is the pomegranate. 

 photo IMG_8104_zps3d0c96d1.jpg

Bath & Body Works Lemon Mint Soap.  YUMMY!!!!

 photo IMG_8093_zpsd39c3299.jpg

Vintage Tray.  I bought this cute tray at Hobby Lobby to sit on my kitchen island.  I put my succulents, a candle and summer themed bar napkins.  I’m sure I’ll find other ways to decorate this for the different seasons.   

 photo IMG_8094_zpsb1072567.jpg

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Allergy Test

When Gavin was a baby, his face would get all red and bumpy when he’d eat peas.  I never thought anything of it until Joel made a comment that his face shouldn’t look like that when he ate.  Mother of the year right here!!!  We took him to allergist and found out he was sensitive to legumes (peas, peanuts).  His immune system wasn’t fully developed because he was only 23 months.  They fully develop between the ages of 3-4.  So, the doctor said she wasn’t too concerned and said to just watch him.

While we were in FL for spring break (Easter time = lots of candy), Gavin ate a piece of candy with peanuts in it.  His lips swelled a little and he was telling us his throat felt funny.  We panicked a bit.  Joel ran to the store, we gave him some Benadryl and monitored him.  He was fine after an hour.

He had another incident where he stuck his hand in the nut jar we buy from Costco.  He decided he wanted to suck the salt off one of the nuts.  He later touched his eye and it blew up.  

After all that, I decided to make an appointment with the allergist to have him tested again.  They tested him for tree pollen, all sorts of nuts, environmental molds and animals.  The poor guy had red welts up and down his arm.  We learned he’s allergic to ALL tree pollen, one mold, cat, dog, and horse and pretty much ALL nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, pecans, walnuts, macadamia nuts).  They measure the welts and his peanut allergy went from 11mm to 20+mm.  They do an even more in-depth test with blood to see how allergic he is.  We had our follow up yesterday and he has a moderate to severe allergy to peanuts, cashews and pistachios.  Because of his tree pollen allergy, she advises that ALL nuts be avoided.

So needless to say, we are epipen carriers now.  The doctor said she felt more comfortable having us carry an epipen after his reaction in April, because the next time he ingests a nut, his body could react even stronger.  The good thing is that he actually has to eat the nut to have a reaction.  He can still have food made in a facility with nuts and we can still have peanut butter in the house.  

Our world is going to change a bit, but at least he's able to verbalize if he eats something or if feels funny.  Gavin knows he can't have nuts and has since gotten into the habit to ask if something has nuts before he eats it.  He did that all on his own!  

Monday, July 7, 2014

Calendars and Accessories

I read a lot of blogs and one day I stumbled across a blog about organizing.  They were advertising this AWESOME calendar called the Life Planner by Erin Condren.  I’ve always used a small monthly calendar, but now that I’m the PTO President and have numerous things to write down/remember, I made the plunge and bought the Life Planner.  It has a monthly calendar, as well as a weekly calendar to keep track of daily items.  I am so excited to use this and stay uber organized.  Is that sad that I’m excited over a calendar?!

 photo IMG_8101_zpse42efec7.jpg

 photo IMG_8102_zps3329ebe1.jpg

 photo IMG_8103_zps6b294dd5.jpg

I also got this cute bag to tote my PTO binder and my way cool calendar in.  I added a matching tumbler so I stay hydrated while in those long PTO meetings. 

 photo IMG_8098_zps06943828.jpg

The best part about going back to school or starting a new project is the accessories and all the *NEW* stuff!  Bring on the new school year.  I’m armed and ready :)

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Birthday America!

Soap box derby.  This was a first for us.  I didn't even know our town did this.  It was awesome and I'm thinking we should sign Josh up next year.  

 photo SoapBoxDerby_zps87e3604d.jpg

 photo IMG_7950_zpse0fcfe6b.jpg

Parade.  Josh's cub scout pack was in the parade.  He didn't want to participate at first because he was worried he wouldn't get any candy.  I gently reminded him that Daddy, Gavin and I would still be at the parade so we could grab candy.  He was all in after that.  

 photo CubScout4thParade2014_zps02fd3656.jpg

 photo IMG_7985-1_zpsd4236b7a.jpg

 photo IMG_7956-1_zpse540cd10.jpg

 photo IMG_8034-1_zps42467158.jpg

 photo IMG_8021-1_zpsef144707.jpg

 photo IMG_7987-1_zps8e9804a1.jpg

 photo IMG_8024-1_zps89206a65.jpg

 photo IMG_7994-1_zps9b7da4ab.jpg

 photo IMG_7947-1_zpsbab2e002.jpg

 photo IMG_8036-1_zpsc5d12b6e.jpg

Party.  We went to the MECA of 4th of July parties.  I'm talking three moon bounces, corn hole, beer pong and a fireworks show that puts the professional ones to shame!  Even the kids had their own jello shots.  Our friends drive up to PA and buy up all the fireworks that are considered illegal in VA.  They turn on really loud patriotic music, then the show begins.  The kids got their own "fireworks" - poppers and snappers.  The weather was gorgeous.  We were actually chilly watching the fireworks.  It was definitely one of the funnest 4th of July's we had in a long time.

 photo IMG_8044-1_zpse34733b2.jpg

 photo IMG_8051-1_zps445770fa.jpg

 photo IMG_8054-1_zps1257ad73.jpg

 photo IMG_8067-1_zpsb0302add.jpg

 photo IMG_8069-1_zps4878ba86.jpg

Hope you had a great 4th of July!

 photo IMG_7991-1_zps416140af.jpg

Thursday, July 3, 2014

A New Challenge

I lost my job in 2009.  I was three months pregnant with Gavin, Josh wasn’t even two and I was scared shitless.  I hate my job, so when they laid me off, it was a sense of relief, but also anxiety.  How were we going to make ends meet?  What would life be like as a full time stay at home mom?  A lot of things went through my mind.  After a few months of being home and settling in to our new routine, I found that I actually loved being home.  I made my own schedule, we did a lot of fun activities and I didn’t have to answer to “the man”. 

Now that I’ve been out of work for five and a half years, I’m dying for a new challenge.  Financially we aren’t ready for me to go back to work since Gavin will only be in half day kindergarten.  I’d basically be working to pay for daycare.  So, I’ve decided to be the president of our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).  I have never run an organization.  I’m pretty nervous.  I’ve always been the admin to the person running the organization.  I’ll be volunteering with a great group of ladies, which should make this a lot easier to do.  I’ll get a lot of experience and I hope that helps when I go back into the workforce in a year or two. 

I met with the former PTO President last week.  She came to my front door with a pen in her mouth, a file box and an armful of notebooks and files.  Talk about intimidating!  I started working on things this week, and I think I’ve put in 20 hours so far – school hasn’t even started yet.  I wanted a challenge.  Well…..challenge accepted!  I’ll check back in at the end of the school year with my thoughts on this new challenge of mine.

 photo PTOFiles_zpsacb02a76.jpg

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


(Note:  Over abundance of pictures)

School ended three weeks ago and I thought things would slow down, but they haven’t. 

Before school ended, Josh’s class had an end of the year party.  The theme was Hollywood.  We brought in props, the kids dressed up and we took pictures.  I was the camera-woman (a.k.a. Papparazzi).  They are now off to 2nd grade!

 photo IMG_7746_zpse132c9ea.jpg

 photo Lastdayofschool2014_zps8438aa27.jpg

 photo IMG_7743_zpse6c5e251.jpg

 photo IMG_7732_1_zps786f3133.jpg

 photo IMG_7670_1_zpsc73b28cf.jpg

 photo IMG_7667_1_zpsde0a56a5.jpg

 photo IMG_7666_1_zps2f9b6a9d.jpg

 photo IMG_7663_1_zps0c433d2b.jpg

 photo IMG_7660_1_zps725683ec.jpg

 photo IMG_7598_1_zps47f458e5.jpg

 photo IMG_7596_1_zps12aab2c0.jpg

 photo IMG_7594_1_zps40df8475.jpg

 photo IMG_7587_1_zps61f479cf.jpg

The first week after school ended Josh had Twilight Camp every night for the Cub Scouts.  He spent three hours shooting sling shots, BB guns and arrows.  How awesome is that?!  We got a chance to watch him shoot the BB gun on the last night.  He desecrated the clay pigeon!  I was a bit jealous.  I wish they had a camp like that when I was a kid. 

 photo IMG_7583_1_zps1b6cbc8c.jpg

 photo IMG_7769_zpsdf86d3bd.jpg

The boys have been going to other summer camps, as well as getting in swimming time at the he pool we joined this summer.  What a great babysitter, I tell ya!  Gavin is super comfortable in the water that I can sit on the lounge chair and suntan.  Josh runs around with his friends.  We spend half the day there and the kids are so exhausted they don’t fight me when it’s bedtime.

Joel and I also celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary.  It amazes me how fast the time has gone.  I'm more in love with him now that I was on the day we got married.  

We took a mini weekend getaway to Colonial Beach with friends.  What a fun weekend!  I think my sides still hurt from all the laughing we did.  The boys get more comfortable getting into the Potomac River water.  It’s a little murky for me, but they loved jumping off the boat and floating in their life jackets.

 photo IMG_7774-1_zpsc3621f6b.jpg

 photo IMG_7776-1_zpsfcc6ce8c.jpg

 photo IMG_77911-1_zps04d4425a.jpg

 photo IMG_7795-1_zps47f9cf87.jpg

 photo IMG_7809-1_zps3eae4e17.jpg

 photo IMG_7814-1_zps5a1b9742.jpg

 photo IMG_7836-1_zpsf1257027.jpg

 photo IMG_7839-1_zpsb7bea555.jpg

 photo IMG_7847-1_zpsb4a5037b.jpg

 photo IMG_7859-1_zps1b4f23bd.jpg

 photo IMG_7872-1_zps868a9b04.jpg

 photo IMG_7874-1_zps4b7fe3bb.jpg

 photo IMG_7880-1_zps300598ea.jpg

 photo IMG_7893-1_zps53af6d00.jpg

 photo IMG_7905-1_zps115ed82d.jpg

 photo IMG_7915-1_zps3d7fc8f6.jpg

 photo CBbackofcar_zps3b4217d4.jpg

 photo JakeOysters_zpsea38db8a.jpg

 photo MoOysters_zpsf0e0648e.jpg

 photo MyaOysters_zps85cd01e7.jpg

Hope you all are enjoying summer as much as these two cute old men sitting on the park bench by the beach.

 photo IMG_7901-1_zps35d802fc.jpg