Friday, May 29, 2015


happy friday everyone!  relax and enjoy the weekend.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

memorial day weekending

The summer season has officially begun!  The pools opened, and there’s only three more weeks of school left.  I welcome this upcoming break.  It was a long winter and school year with the PTO. 

We spent the weekend at my father-in-law’s new beach house in Colonial Beach.  He bought a house right on the water over the winter and this weekend we got a chance to break the new place, and boat, in. 

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Colonial Beach is about 2 hours south from where we live.  It’s a sleepy little town that gets busy when summer rolls around.  The beach is rocky and it’s on the river so I never know what to call it – the beach house, the lake house, the river house.  We decided to call it the Mo Bay Slipaway because it’s on Monroe Bay in the Potomac River. 

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The weather was perfect for hanging out on the deck.  Because the boat and house are new, there was a lot to be done to prep for a boat ride.  When we finally got on the boat, we quickly learned that the fuel gauge didn't work because we ran out of fuel and were stranded in the middle of the Potomac River.  Luckily, my father-in-law has boat insurance and Boats US came to the rescue!  They gave us fuel and we were on our way back home.  Never a dull moment.  

The house came with crab traps.  We attempted to have a crab feast, but we didn't catch one darn crab!  

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The boys were intent on getting in the pool even though the water temperature read 63 degrees.  They got in and played for about 20 minutes at a time, then got out and laid out on the deck to get warm.  

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We enjoyed a nice relaxing three day weekend in the sun and warmth.  I read a book.  The kids played.  The men fiddled on the boat.  I would say it was a fabulous weekend!

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Baby Rabbits

We noticed a small hole in our front yard a couple weeks ago.  When we checked it out, we discovered it was a rabbit hole and it was home to 5 baby bunnies.  The 5 smallest baby bunnies you can imagine.  One could sit in the palm of my hand.  Over the week we checked back and saw them grow.  They grow very fast and were soon becoming too big for the hole that they started to spread out around in the grass.  We were showing our neighbor girls and saw that two had left the hole.  Joel tried to catch them to put them back in so they'd all stay together.  What excitement that was!  Two bunnies were hopping all over the yard trying to get away from him.  He finally caught them and I caught a snapshot of him holding one before he hopped out of his hands again.  They are since gone from their first home, but we see them from time to time. Such a fun experience for the boys and us!

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

First Holy Communion

Josh made his first holy communion the day before Mother's Day.  My parents, uncle and aunt came into town for the event.  My little guy looked so handsome in his navy blue sport coat and personalized tie.  My parents gave him the rosary he's wearing.  They bought it on their trip to Italy and it was blessed by the Pope.  He was enamored with him and wouldn't take it off.  He took communion like a pro for someone who's a picky eater.  He fell asleep during the homily, but in all honesty, it was a LONG homily so I don't blame him.  The child made out like a bandit and we all had a great day celebrating him.  

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mother's Day

Mother's Day weekend started off with my parents getting into town.  Friday, my mom and I went to our favorite spa for massages.  I had a two hour massage and I don't think I'll ever be able to have a one hour massage again.  It was divine!  So divine that I fell asleep and it's hard for me to relax that much.  Saturday was Josh's communion and party.  Sunday, my parents left bright and early.  I wished they could have stayed and joined us because we were going to a winery for the day.  Last year we met friends at a winery and decided to make a yearly mother's day tradition.  I invited a dear friend of mine, who lost her mother years ago, to spend the day with us.  Her oldest son is best friends with Gavin.  She has two others - the curly haired little boy and the sweet faced baby girl.  She and I are becoming fast best friends.  The weather was beautiful, the live music was wonderful and the company was fantastic.  I had one of the best mother's day (weekends) in a long time.  Some scenes from our day......

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

South Carolina

We spent the spring break in Charleston, SC, then spent a few days in Greenville, SC before making our way back home.

I fell IN LOVE with Charleston.  The entire city is beyond gorgeous.  If you haven’t ever been, go.  There are so many nooks and crannies to keep you looking.  Everything is clean, neat and colored with pastels.  Streets are lined with large trees.  The city is rich in history and we took advantage of as much as we could fit into four days. 

The camera was to my eye almost the entire time we were there.  I have so many pictures I could share and had to make a video or the post would be pages long.  Here are some of the highlights.

Friends.  Our friends, Ryan and Melissa, live in Summerville which is about 30 minutes outside Charleston.  We stayed with them the majority of the time.  Ryan and Joel went to high school together.  I guess you can say I did too, but I graduated before them.  The timing was just right because their kids had spring break the same week.  Ryan has a baseball team of kids – Harley, Hannah, Jesse, Jack and Sully.  It was the perfect place for us to stay.  The kids ran around for hours while we sat and caught up on life around the fire pit.  Perfect beginning to a fun week ahead.

Angel Oak Tree.  This tree is amazing!  It’s huge and its limbs go in all different directions.  It’s so old you can’t climb on it, but it would be an awesome tree fort tree.  There were a group of people there that “hugged” the tree.  I counted 8 people in total to go around the tree.

Cypress Gardens.  I found this place on Pinterest when I was researching things to do in Charleston.  They allow self-guided boat tours through the swamp.  It was so serene and quiet – when the kids weren’t whining that they were hungry.  We saw lots of turtles and one alligator sun tanning.

Patriots Point. Nothing cooler than touring an old military ships.  Talk about nooks and crannies!  This place had plenty of them.  The boys enjoyed all the old fighter planes and seeing how the military men lived on a boat.

Folly Beach. You can’t go to South Carolina without going to the beach at least once.  We happened to go on a chilly day, but that didn’t stop the kids from getting in the water or playing in the sand. 

After a fun few days in Charleston, we packed up and drove three hours to Greenville, SC.  Our neighbors have been telling us about this cute artsy city that we added it onto our itinerary.  We only stayed a couple of days but we fell in love so much so that we’re contemplating moving there.  Like, touring new homes and deciding if it was something good for our family.  The schools are fantastic, the housing is cheap and the taxes are low.  It’s hard to not move there.  There’s even a town named after us – Woodruff, SC.  Its fate I think.  We have a few things to figure out first so even if we did move, it wouldn’t be for a couple years.    

On the way home, we made one last stop in Roanoke to see Joel’s birth father, Wick.  Joel is the spitting image of him!  He reads the blog and called us a few months ago to catch up.  And Joel had dinner with him a few weeks ago when he was down in the area for business.  I haven’t seen him since our wedding and he’s never met the boys.  It was a short, but good, visit.  Hoping we’ll see more of him (yes, YOU Wick).

Spring Break 2015 - SC - Kizoa Video Maker

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

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