Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kindergarten Registration

This boy…..

 photo IMG_6483_zps98a0f11a.jpg 

… now registered for Kindergarten!  He will be an official elementary school boy as of September 2, 2014.  I’m excited and sad all at the same time.  He’s going to grow so much next school year – learning to read, tell time, count money – and he’s going to have a lots of little friends to do it with.    

For those of you that don’t know, I nominated myself to be the Vice President of the PTO next year.  I am being lobbied pretty heavily to be the President, but I still have some thinking to do.  Either position will give me a chance to meet more families in the area, not to mention keep me busy while both boys are at school.  I will also be in the know about everything happening at the school and that can’t be a bad thing!  

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


These kids are going to kill me off early if they continue to have a week like we had last week.  Wednesday evening, Josh was riding his friend’s scooter when he hit uneven pavement and went flying off.  He got road rash on his head, shoulder, elbow and knee.  Then Saturday, Gavin was closing the front door and slammed his thumb ripping off the skin.  Earlier in the week, Josh slammed Gavin’s middle finger in the door.  Gavin also got smacked in the face with a baseball at practice from his friend who gave him a black eye the week before.  All this happened in just one week!  Anytime they get rowdy or run too fast, I’m holding my breath praying nothing happens.  I’m definitely learning what it’s like to be a mother of boys.  

 photo Gbooboo_zps8ac944bf.jpg

 photo Joshbooboo_zpse5902d4f.jpg

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Here we go.......(sick) again!

It’s been a LONG winter.  The boys and I battled bronchitis, the flu, colds and now Gavin is sick again with a sinus infection and conjunctivitis.  Joel was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection last week - seems like Gavin caught it.  I took him to the doctors this morning and they gave him antibiotics and eye drops.  I’m gonna pump him full of meds so that he’s healthy for our trip to FL next week for spring break.  And I’m praying that Josh, nor I, get it.  

 photo Gavindoctor_2Apr14_zpsecfbf501.jpg

 photo Gavinsmeds_zpsd045048b.jpg

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Update A Long Time Coming

Yes, I know…’s been since last June that I’ve wrote.  Too much too long.  We have been so busy with life that it’s slipping away and I’m hardly documenting it.  I vow no more!  My camera is going to come everywhere with me.  And if I don’t want to lug the big one, I have no excuse because I always have my cell phone. 

We will be traveling to FL in two weeks.  I will most definitely be taken tons and tons of pictures.  Joel and I have a trip to Key West planned for a few days while the boys hang with Grammy and Poppy.  Thousands of photo ops in Key West!

We also have some other fun things planned while where there.  Oh, you ask if we’re going to Legoland.  Why yes!  Yes, we are……for the 3rd time.  How can we NOT go when it’s only an hour away?!?! 

The boys are starting baseball in a couple weeks too.  Both are on the Cubs – Gavin is doing t-ball and Josh is in coach pitch.  They both have practice on Monday night… the same time.  How I’m going to swing that one, I have no idea!  I’ll need to have the village help if Joel is out of town.  Thank God for living in a small town where you know practically everyone. 

I decided to volunteer to help organize the Cub Scout summer camp.  Talk about flying blind!  No idea what I’m doing and no one else does either since they are using a whole new registration system this year.  Fun times.  I’m also attending PTO meetings because next year I’m slated to be the Vice President who they are trying to lobby to become President. 

I’ll be registering Gavin for Kindergarten on April 8th.  I hate to say it, but I’m happy to have Gavin go.  I’m sure I’ll cry like I did with Josh, but it feels good for them to be in the next phase of their lives.  My boys are growing up.  Sometimes too fast - sometimes not fast enough (you know what I mean). 

So I bid adieu until we get back from Florida when I’ll actually have pictures to share.  Until then…..

……well I may have some pictures in the next two weeks.  We have baseball practice and Easter parties and a vineyard we’re visiting this weekend.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

School's Out For Summer!

As I sat watching my kids play at the playground, I took a deep breathe in and the smell of summer reminded me of my childhood days.  The hours I would spend outside running all over the place with my friends until almost dark.  The games we invented.  The memories I can still see vividly.

I watched my kids flitter from slide to monkey bars to running freely, and I can’t believe how much they've grown in one short school year.  Josh is no longer afraid to slide down the firemen’s pole or climb a tree, and Gavin isn't afraid to climb the rock wall.  It’s a bittersweet moment.  I wish I could freeze time and keep them little for a little while longer.  But I also can’t wait to see what they’ll be like as teenagers, adults, fathers, friends. 

 photo 992888_10151718923709994_291979461_n_zpsdfaec12e.jpg

 photo 936686_10151718923174994_1300430486_n_zps2c2f87c3.jpg

Josh graduated kindergarten today.  I held it together and didn't cry like I did on the first day until my friend sent an email about getting all the kids together at her house one last time so they can get on the bus together.  Then, I started to cry.  And I cried again this morning when I received a thank you note from Josh’s teacher. 

 photo iTunes_zps0698da08.jpg

 photo HPSolutionCenter_zps0bbf5272.jpg
(Josh, Aiden and Nate - Josh's best friends)

 photo JoshNateAiden_zps709ea382.jpg

 photo JoshampNate_zps2e69fb51.jpg
(Josh and Nate - one of his best friends.  Can't wait to see these two in five years when they're in 5th grade.)

I've fallen in love with this elementary school, especially all the kids (and parents) in his class.  Every kid has a great personality and they all (yes, every one of them) get along – boys and girls.  The room moms all got along.  The teachers were wonderful and always willing to include the family into the classroom.  It’s an anomaly to have everyone get along and work so well together.  I’m looking forward to next year and meeting new friends and teachers, but I’m always going to miss the class we had this year.  I can only hope Gavin’s kindergarten experience was as good as Josh’s. 

Josh’s class had an end of the year party.  He received his kindergarten diploma which officially makes him a first grader. 

 photo JoshDiploma_zps527dd511.jpg

 photo Endofyearparty_zps56f3385f.jpg

 photo JoshEndofYearParty_zps32b3a5e8.jpg

 photo Endofyearparty2_zpsdc3ca375.jpg

 photo JoshKaitlyn_zpse8b1c8b4.jpg

It was brought to my attention that Josh is quite the ladies’ man!  All the girls in class love him, especially two girls in particular.  He runs around with them and he sits in between them.  He has a way – call him the sensitive guy – with the girls.  When we lived in Sterling, he played with mostly girls so I guess he just has a softer demeanor than most other boys.  That’s a good thing! 

Summer has officially begun!

 photo GoodbyeBus_zps2075cd0c.jpg

Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Parade

Josh’s kindergarten class had a Memorial Day parade.  It wasn't exactly a family friendly event, but the teachers told us we could come up and see them parade around the school in shirts that they painted and hats they colored.  They also sang and signed “God Bless America.”

 photo MemorialDayParade_zps751bd16d.jpg

 photo MemorialDayParade2_zpsa0659281.jpg

Happy Memorial Day!  Thank you to all the brave men and women who have served and protected us.

 photo IMG_6052_zpsec396bca.jpg

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Catch Up (aka Longest Post Ever)

I've been M.I.A. for quite some time.  I need to get back into blogging.  It's my escape and I like to keep those of you in different states up to date with what's going on with us.  I haven't been taking very many pictures with my big camera.  Everything is taken with my phone - it's quick and a MUCH smaller camera.  Downloading the pictures requires me to email the picture to myself, save it, edit it, save it again, upload it to make it bigger and then copy/paste it into the blog.  Lost of time consuming steps and I really haven't many moments to devote the time.  So here's the longest post ever about what's going on with us the last couple of months.  Grab some popcorn and sit back and read on.....

Florida.  We took our yearly spring trip to Florida but didn't stay as long as we had in the past years.  With Josh being in school, I couldn't take him out for longer than two weeks.  We took the train down the week before spring break and left Easter Sunday to drive home.  The train was booked solid coming home so we were forced to drive.  It was an adventure for the boys and they did awesome! 

While we were there, Grammy and I took the boys to Legoland.  It was Josh's second visit and Gavin's first.  We met my cousin, Anthony there with his girlfriend and their two boys (my boys' "cousins" as they refer to each other).  It was nice having two older boys for Josh to run around with.  They got him to come out of his shell and go on his first roller coaster ride.  In fact, he rode every roller coast they had.  The last one - Flying School - was a big scary, but he did it.  All the boys had fun looking all the Star Wars section.  

 photo DragonRide_zps7fea9b5f.jpg

 photo FlyingSchool_DJ_zps479b1583.jpg

 photo Legoland9_zps434df1a7.jpg

 photo Legoland-1_zpsaf2b11d2.jpg

 photo Legoland5_zps56009fc6.jpg

 photo Legoland6_zpse77c72ba.jpg

 photo Legoland7_zps79d75860.jpg

The boys also did some fishing with Poppy.  Gavin caught his first fish!

 photo IMG_5625_zps4637c73b.jpg

 photo IMG_5639_zpsc5ce925f.jpg

 photo IMG_5644_zps1de22f16.jpg

Jamaica.  My parents gave Joel and me the best anniversary present this year.....they watched the boys while we went to Negril, Jamaica.  We hadn't been in 8 years and once we got there, it was like we had never left.  It felt like home!  We had a fantastic week without the kids reconnecting with each other.  We sat and relaxed on the beach, put the green flag up when we needed a drink, I read, Joel snorkeled, we canoed, ate 5 course meals and pampered ourselves at the spa with massages.  I can't believe we'll be married for 10 years this June.  

  photo 17991130_zpscc281df7.jpg

 photo 18991193_zps0c28af7b.jpg

 photo Jamaica_zps0e5da844.jpg

 photo Jamaica3_zpsea1f07fa.jpg

 photo Jamaica4_zps3e4613d7.jpg

 photo IMG_5672_zps55f7bf93.jpg

 photo IMG_5685_1_zps70bf82d3.jpg

 photo IMG_5705_zps041b8eac.jpg

 photo IMG_5764_zps120def22.jpg

 photo IMG_5796_1_zps3c84905e.jpg

 photo IMG_5812_zpsfb2aea3e.jpg

Hawaii.  I got to spend my 35th birthday in Oahu, Hawaii.  Joel was there for business and my friend, Megan, gave me the best birthday gift of watching the boys so I could join Joel in Hawaii.    We stayed in Waikiki.  I wasn't blown away at first, because Waikiki is a huge city, but once we got out to the North Shore I couldn't help but fall in love!  The landscape is incredible and beautiful.  Mountains that reach up to the sky and blue crystal clear water.  It's nothing I've ever seen before.  The trip definitely wasn't long enough that I will have to go back again and hopefully soon.

 photo BlowholeBeach2_zps59cbcf6f.jpg

 photo BlowholeBeach1_zps27a6bab0.jpg

 photo IMG_5866_zps7600ce7d.jpg

 photo IMG_5876_zps3dff0227.jpg

 photo IMG_5877_zps8fb5f5b4.jpg

 photo IMG_5879_zps2d214832.jpg

 photo IMG_5884_zps2697863e.jpg

 photo IMG_5903_zpsa1ec4b2a.jpg

 photo IMG_5949_zpsf42c5df5.jpg

Alyssa's Birthday.  Alyssa turned 15 on May 13th.  We can't believe that she'll have her learner's permit in November and will be driving next year.  

 photo Alyssabirthday_zps3db76bdd.jpg

T-ball.  Josh is doing another year of t-ball.  He's on the Angel's this year with his friends from school.

 photo IMG_5953_1_zpsc0b67339.jpg

 photo IMG_5954_1_zps8a3531a9.jpg

 photo IMG_5957_1_zps07a527f3.jpg

 photo IMG_5958_1_zps34d6071a.jpg

 photo IMG_5967_1_zps57f41345.jpg

 photo IMG_5971_1_zps524e7566.jpg

 photo IMG_5990_1_zpse7e8c71c.jpg

 photo IMG_6005_1_zpscb7676ab.jpg

 photo IMG_5996_1_zpsf1b0c3b3.jpg

 photo IMG_6009_1_zpsfa95db33.jpg

 photo IMG_5994_1_zps7a9768bf.jpg

 photo JimmyAidenJosh_zpsd7e3412d.jpg

Summer Fun List.  Where the kids and teaching are looking forward to the end of the school year, I dread it.  We don't have a daily schedule, the kids fight with each other and it's just hot.  This year I decided to make a summer fun list of things we can do to keep us busy.  My friend actually came up with the list and I copied her, as well as told her we'd be tagging along with her and her kids.  On top of all this stuff, the boys are registered for summer camps.  Josh is doing a free McGruff Safety camp through the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, Lego camp and baseball camp.  Gavin is doing summer camp at his preschool and a few others at the community center.  Josh will be doing the summer reading program at the library, as well as a workbook to get him ready for first grade.  I told him that if he completes the reading program and learns his addition and subtraction facts up to 10, he will get to go to the Lego store and pick out a Lego for all his hard work.  It's going to be a busy summer and I'm sure it'll going quickly!

 photo IMG_6036_zpsed852d5c.jpg

Peonies.  My neighbor brought over some peonies from her garden......just because.  Love thy neighbor.  

 photo IMG_6027_zpsa2365610.jpg

Best Buddies.  The boys have been the best of friends lately.  They play together.  Hug each other.  Wrestle.  And the best is when take care of each other.  If I'm out with one of them, they are constantly thinking about making sure the other one is included if I buy candy or something a simple as getting a balloon (we have to get two).  I love to see how much they love each other.  

 photo IMG_6035_zps9c74d0cd.jpg

 photo BoysDinosaurMasks_zpsb19763d0.jpg

A few other things that have been happening:

1.  Gavin finished his first year of preschool.
2.  Josh's last day of kindergarten is June 6th.  Then it's off to first grade.  All day in school!
3.  The boys had pink eye and Gavin had an ear infection.
4.  We've been McDonald's free for almost 6 months.  Pretty much fast food free too.  We'll do Chik-Fil-A or Taco Bell every once in a while.
5.  We are almost completely organic.  I'm having our milk delivered and we eat organic as much as possible.  There are some things we just won't do organic - ketchup, peanut butter, Pop Tarts, and hot dogs. All in moderation.  
6.  I'm back to working out.  It's nice to get some "me time" for an hour and sweat my stress away.  
7.  We are redoing our backyard.  The project starts next week.  Pics to follow.  It's a complete mess back there and we're bringing in the big guns to help because it's too big a job for us to do.  
8.  Gavin has been doing a preschool baseball for two months and he's still in swimming lessons.  He's getting forward motion and I'm hoping he'll be swimming for real by the end of next session.  The best part is that he's much more comfortable in the water than last year.  

And that's a wrap!

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