Thursday, June 18, 2015

as school ends, summer begins.

June started off with my very last PTO meeting.  I’m hanging up my hat, passing the baton, taking a step back.  It was a LONG year to say the least, and not one I enjoyed very much.  On top of a difficult learning curve, add in lots of snow which brought out my seasonal depression, tenfold.  I am so glad it’s over.  I love being involved, don’t get me wrong, but being the head honcho is definitely not me.  Too much politics to deal with when frankly, I don’t care because none of it really matters when it comes down to it. 

The last meeting went well.  On to bigger and better things for me!  What that really means is the boys will be in school all day next year that I can get back to focusing on ME.  Going to the gym, eating healthy and hopefully losing myself into a few good books with all the quietness I’ll have around the house.

Besides the PTO meeting, the boys had their end of year parties.  Gavin "graduated" kindergarten and received an excellent attendance award.  Josh received a keen reader award.  School is out for the summer!  We have two months of waking up and not having anywhere to be, but the pool and somewhere with friends.

 photo IMG_0128_zpsy31xboej.jpg

 photo G K Grad_zpsxpyyozsj.jpg
Among all the parties, we also had an end of season baseball party.  I know I haven’t mentioned much about this year’s baseball season.  Gavin starting playing t-ball on the Phillies and Josh played coach pitch for the Indians (a.k.a. The Tribe).  I wasn't too impressed with Gavin’s coach.  He doesn’t do much but keep the bench warm, so I took him out for the rest of the season.  He's ready for coach pitch anyway.  

Josh’s coach, Ted, on the other hand is PHENOMENAL!  He’s positive, gets the kids to have fun and each player has a nickname.  Josh is Tiger.  I convinced him to coach in the fall when both boys will be playing on the same team.  The end of the year party was at his house.  His son is in Josh’s class.  The entire family is just a pleasure to be around.  We had a great team of boys, and it helps when half the parents are your friends!

 photo Tribe_1_zpssocmermf.jpg

 photo IMG_0064_zpsgsapw0hz.jpg

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 photo IMG_0049_zpsqzkvfzem.jpg

Josh really grew this season in baseball.  He's not afraid of the ball and is hitting the ball on the constant.  I can't wait to see what fall ball brings.

 photo Josh_zpspl0dqk4q.jpg

The Swat (a.k.a. Chase) and Tiger winning the game ball one night.

 photo IMG_9963_1_zpsbhpfr06m.jpg

 photo IMG_9961_1_zpsdgi4bw5m.jpg

 photo IMG_9892_1_zps6iwuzkv7.jpg

And we're still celebrating......The Cub Scouts had their end of the year picnic.  Josh advanced from a wolf scout to a bear scout. 

 photo IMG_0096_zpsgmmgfuds.jpg

He also won the rain gutter regatta.  He was undefeated in his den and in the entire pack!  Joel got all into building the boat and making it fast.  He researched how Josh could win and his research worked because Josh won big time.  

 photo IMG_0087_zpstooxqfm9.jpg

 photo IMG_0074_zpsnqidfbwv.jpg

 photo IMG_0065_zpsjlqlq5fy.jpg

He (Josh) was so proud of himself for winning.  So much so that he ran up to get his award and ran back so quickly to show us his metal.

 photo IMG_0106_zpsowiaxfsc.jpg

 photo IMG_0114_zpskolhrp7x.jpg

This boy has part of of my heart.  He and Josh have known each other since kindergarten.  Although they aren't in the same class anymore and basically run in different circles, each time they come together, it's like they've never been apart.  They find a way to sit next to each other in a crowd of people.  I'm hoping they will be friends until graduation so I can reflect back on their years together.

 photo IMG_0089_zpsuypoumry.jpg

We started off our first official day of summer with a trip to Sweet Frog.  Josh has been begging to go.  I have a feeling we'll be doing many of these Sweet Frog trips.

 photo 11216842_10153560360464994_5036039793943285834_n_zpstjcahlwk.jpg

Joel and I also celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary.  Usually, every year he’s on travel during my birthday and our anniversary.  This year I lucked out twice and he was home on both occasions!  We celebrated with our neighbor’s, who also happened to have birthdays that same week.  It was a fun night filled with laughter.  We are so fortunate to have such great neighbors that we can spend lots of time with.  Mike and Michelle are one of our closest group of friends.  We heart them!

 photo HuttonsWoodruffs_zpslt87nax5.jpg

The boys start camp next week with some friends.  We have a few weeks of camp scheduled and a couple weeks of family vacation planned.  The camera bug has bitten me a again and I hope to get some really good pictures of our summer.

Good bye school year.  Hello summer!

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Good-bye TV

That title is a little misleading.  We didn’t remove the TV’s from our house.  We still have three TV’s.  We just cancelled our cable.  We almost cancelled our home phone, but we decided to keep it since the boys are coming to an age where they will be left home alone for small bits at a time and having a home phone in case an of an emergency seemed like a good idea.

We’ve been talking about cancelling cable for a while, and after much persuasion from Joel, he convinced me that we no longer need it.  We had planned to do this last summer, but I just couldn’t give up the safety net of cable.  I like being able to sit down on my couch, flip through the guide and find something to watch. 

It took some time to realize how much actual TV we really watched.  The boys watch TV in the morning before school and in the afternoon before bed.  I record all my shows and we watch a bunch of shows on Netflix.  When you looked at it, why were we paying over $200 a month for cable when we could use Hulu and Netflix to watch our shows?  Both of those cost $16 a month and pretty much every show we watch is on it.  We also have access to Amazon Prime videos and Google play to rent movies.  So alas, we cancelled.  Joel installed an antenna for our local channels.  It’s still a little bit of a challenge not being able to flip through the guide, but we are moving into the modern day world of TV.

The change hasn't been too much a pain to deal with.  The boys don't seem to even miss the channels they used to watch.  I’m glad we made the change.  It’s saved us over $150 a month, which is $1800 a year!  How can you not love that?!

Friday, May 29, 2015


happy friday everyone!  relax and enjoy the weekend.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

memorial day weekending

The summer season has officially begun!  The pools opened, and there’s only three more weeks of school left.  I welcome this upcoming break.  It was a long winter and school year with the PTO. 

We spent the weekend at my father-in-law’s new beach house in Colonial Beach.  He bought a house right on the water over the winter and this weekend we got a chance to break the new place, and boat, in. 

 photo IMG_9967_1_zpskjv1fygi.jpg

Colonial Beach is about 2 hours south from where we live.  It’s a sleepy little town that gets busy when summer rolls around.  The beach is rocky and it’s on the river so I never know what to call it – the beach house, the lake house, the river house.  We decided to call it the Mo Bay Slipaway because it’s on Monroe Bay in the Potomac River. 

 photo IMG_9997_1_zpswa1w5ag8.jpg

 photo IMG_9996_1_zpslbal472c.jpg

The weather was perfect for hanging out on the deck.  Because the boat and house are new, there was a lot to be done to prep for a boat ride.  When we finally got on the boat, we quickly learned that the fuel gauge didn't work because we ran out of fuel and were stranded in the middle of the Potomac River.  Luckily, my father-in-law has boat insurance and Boats US came to the rescue!  They gave us fuel and we were on our way back home.  Never a dull moment.  

The house came with crab traps.  We attempted to have a crab feast, but we didn't catch one darn crab!  

 photo IMG_9995_1_zpshdg06zgz.jpg

The boys were intent on getting in the pool even though the water temperature read 63 degrees.  They got in and played for about 20 minutes at a time, then got out and laid out on the deck to get warm.  

 photo IMG_9973_1_zpsasfsywls.jpg

 photo IMG_9975_1_zpspum0aner.jpg

We enjoyed a nice relaxing three day weekend in the sun and warmth.  I read a book.  The kids played.  The men fiddled on the boat.  I would say it was a fabulous weekend!

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Baby Rabbits

We noticed a small hole in our front yard a couple weeks ago.  When we checked it out, we discovered it was a rabbit hole and it was home to 5 baby bunnies.  The 5 smallest baby bunnies you can imagine.  One could sit in the palm of my hand.  Over the week we checked back and saw them grow.  They grow very fast and were soon becoming too big for the hole that they started to spread out around in the grass.  We were showing our neighbor girls and saw that two had left the hole.  Joel tried to catch them to put them back in so they'd all stay together.  What excitement that was!  Two bunnies were hopping all over the yard trying to get away from him.  He finally caught them and I caught a snapshot of him holding one before he hopped out of his hands again.  They are since gone from their first home, but we see them from time to time. Such a fun experience for the boys and us!

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

First Holy Communion

Josh made his first holy communion the day before Mother's Day.  My parents, uncle and aunt came into town for the event.  My little guy looked so handsome in his navy blue sport coat and personalized tie.  My parents gave him the rosary he's wearing.  They bought it on their trip to Italy and it was blessed by the Pope.  He was enamored with him and wouldn't take it off.  He took communion like a pro for someone who's a picky eater.  He fell asleep during the homily, but in all honesty, it was a LONG homily so I don't blame him.  The child made out like a bandit and we all had a great day celebrating him.  

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mother's Day

Mother's Day weekend started off with my parents getting into town.  Friday, my mom and I went to our favorite spa for massages.  I had a two hour massage and I don't think I'll ever be able to have a one hour massage again.  It was divine!  So divine that I fell asleep and it's hard for me to relax that much.  Saturday was Josh's communion and party.  Sunday, my parents left bright and early.  I wished they could have stayed and joined us because we were going to a winery for the day.  Last year we met friends at a winery and decided to make a yearly mother's day tradition.  I invited a dear friend of mine, who lost her mother years ago, to spend the day with us.  Her oldest son is best friends with Gavin.  She has two others - the curly haired little boy and the sweet faced baby girl.  She and I are becoming fast best friends.  The weather was beautiful, the live music was wonderful and the company was fantastic.  I had one of the best mother's day (weekends) in a long time.  Some scenes from our day......

 photo IMG_9864_zpsdjnh9bl4.jpg

 photo IMG_9852_zpsmmxvkqrs.jpg

 photo IMG_9851_zps9olohk1s.jpg

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